Make Your PC VR Game Wirelessly Playable

Enjoy your high quality VR game with your phone.
onAirVR replaces a bulky wired HMD to a lightweight wireless one without lowering quality.


How onAirVR Works

onAirVR App on your phone gets real-time rendered video/audio from
your game on your PC which is made with onAirVR Server plugin.
As a result your phone acts like a wireless HMD for PC VR.


No Wire

Wireless VR HMD by your phone

Low Latency

Low motion-to-photon latency

Only Software-based

No special hardware needed

Easy To Use

Check Getting Started to see how much easy


Multiple VR players on one PC

Game Engines Support

Unity & Unreal Engine 4 currently


Q. Using onAirVR can I play VR games in my PC (for instance, SteamVR games)?

A. No. onAirVR works only with applications built with onAirVR Server.
Technically speaking, onAirVR Server – as a game engine plugin – uses dedicated off-screen buffers for rendering and encoding, unlike other similar products which process the screen buffer.

Q. Which mobile VR does onAirVR support?

A. Currently supports Samsung GearVR only. However we plan to release onAirVR App for GoogleVR soon.

Q. Which graphics card does onAirVR require?

A. onAirVR needs a graphics card capable of hardware-accelerated video encoding. Currently supports NVIDIA graphics cards (Kepler architecture or later) only.


Free From Cumbersome Wearables While Moving

In VR moving experience with positional tracking system,
onAirVR lets players free from cumbersome devices like laptop backpacks.
Only lightweight mobile VR headsets needed.

Use Case : “Walking On Bridge VR Attraction”


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