Make Your PC VR Game Wirelessly Playable

Enjoy your high quality VR game with your phone.
onAirVR replaces a bulky wired HMD to a lightweight wireless one without lowering quality.


How onAirVR Works

onAirVR App on your phone gets real-time rendered video/audio from
your game made with onAirVR Server SDK on your PC.
As a result your mobile VR device acts like a wireless HMD for PC VR.


No Wire On Your Head

Using mobile VR headset instead of bulky wired one lets you free from wire tangling.

Low Motion-To-Photon Latency

Our motion compensation methods guarantee motion-to-photon latency as much as that of native mobile VR.

Only Software-Based

onAirVR is the only software-based product which built on top of standard network protocols. Just use your network devices at home.

Multiple Players On A PC

Develop a VR game in which more than one HMD can play together on a PC.


Free From Cumbersome Wearables While Moving

In VR moving experience with positional tracking system,
onAirVR lets players free from cumbersome devices like laptop backpacks.
Only lightweight mobile VR headsets needed.

Use Case : “Walking On Bridge VR Attraction”


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